Importance of having a relationship with your security service provider

Importance of having a relationship with your security service provider

Using a Trusted Security Company Can Improve Productivity

As a business owner, one of the most important relationships you will have is with your security services provider, who is in charge of responding to break ins and alarm activations. It is imperative that you find a company who puts their clients first so you complete trust and confidence in the level of service you receive. You must make sure they have the knowledge and experience needed to provide strong security to your business.

Key Patrol provide a comprehensive security audit of your company, before agreeing to take on the task of providing service for your business, including keyholding and alarm response. Key Patrol provide a cost effective solution, focussed on keeping your staff and business premises safe. Specialising in mobile security patrols, we provide livered vehicles to patrol your premises to deter crime in the area. We also supply alarm response and key holding services to clients around the UK.

As specialist in these key areas, we focus on providing a first class security service to our valued clients, staff and property. As well as providing your business with added confidence that both your property and staff are being kept safe, our services are extremely cost effective. Instead of hiring a security guard to stand on your property, our mobile patrols of your premises allow you to make huge cost savings. Mobile Patrols act as a deterrent to would be thieves and intruders, and we always vary our patrol routine.

Designated key holders for companies face risks and need to be on call 24.7 to respond to alarm activations. Not many employees within a company like the inconvenience of responding to out of hours alarm triggers. You will find the majority of these activations are false alarms. By assigning Key Patrol as your nominated keyholding company, we provide a rapid alarm response to alarm activations, any time of night or day. We pride ourselves on being on site within 20 minutes or under in the event of alarm activations, inline with police response, as per the APCO policy. Within your business, this may not always be possible if a company employee is responsible for keyholding.

All of our staff are fully SIA trained and licensed officers. Our specialist security team are able to deal with intruder break ins and take appropriate action. Their training keeps them safe as well as your staff and property. With the increase in crime rate during the recession, your staff’s safety is of paramount importance. By allocating a professional mobile patrol service, you can guarantee piece of mind. You also alleviate yourself as a business owner from any liability from legal action suffered as a result of a member of staff being injured during a break in. After an alarm activation, we provide security until police arrive and give your property the all clear.

No doubt, as a business owner, your time is of the utmost importance. Being responsible for key holding within your business may impact on staff productivity.  You may not be located within the immediate vicinity when an alarm activation occurs, this can cause added stress and unnecessary risk.

Security patrol officersAttending an alarm call out, in the event of a false alarm can be time consuming and cause inconvenience. There is likely to be an impact on staff productivity if other members of the business have also been required to attend an alarm call out. By using our comphrehesive security services, you are protecting your company and staff at the highest level.

As a keyholding company, we can provide a lock and unlock service. Your business will not suffer as a consequence if a member of staff, assigned to respond to an intruder alarm is unexpectedly injured. No staff member will be alone to lock up at the end of the day, adhering to lone worker policies and protecting employees. Using a keyholding company will also eliminate the added cost when keys go missing, having to have both locks and keys changed and replaced. We adhere to the industry keyholding standard BS7984.

We strive to provide excellent customer service; we listen to your needs and ensure we add value to your business whilst minimising costs. We will provide reports in electronic format for mobile patrols conducted, so you can see where our vehicles have been. All mobile patrols are complete in accordance with the BS7499 standard.

We pride ourselves being a professional keyholding company that provides security services of the highest level to corporate businesses. Our mobiles patrols are highly effective way of reducing cost to your company.

With over 30 years experience in the security sector, we provide the necessary security expertise to help you minimise the risks to your business. We will provide the best and staff and consultancy service help to protect your assets and property, whilst ensuring you have a safe working environment for your staff.

We believe that we not only provide the best possible security service available, but that we fully understand and listen to our customers. We make sure that we understand the security requirements of your business before implementing a security strategy to protect your business.

We implement changes to adapt to businesses ever changing needs and requirements. Providing you with fully tailored security solutions that meet your individual needs, we can conduct fire alarm tests, inspections of your property during vacant periods and escorting deliveries or staff. We operate around the clock 24/7 and are completely flexible when it comes to organising the security arrangements for your business.

Our aim is for our clients to be 100% confident in our services and ability to protect your business. We are a keyholding company you can trust. Your company is our business, we will protect your property and staff as if it were our own. Key Patrol provide a complete service tailored to your needs and requirements. No matter what day or time we are committed to providing an exceptional service to all of our customers.

Building security vehicle premisis patrolsWe have a combined total of 35 years’ experience in providing security services and pride ourselves on our expert local knowledge, providing the best security services available. Rest assured, you will be protected 24/7 with a company you can rely on and trust.

If you have any questions, queries or would like any additional information please give us a call or complete our online enquiry form. We can provide a free, no obligation survey to assess your needs and to evaluate how we can help ensure your business is secure.

Visit the Key Patrol website for more information.

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